Amazing images through the lens

Things have emerged such a point of quality within the realm of mobile phone photography, that we can actually have entire sites that sustain themselves, as databases of stock photos, that won’t even accept photographs from “Real”  cameras, and will exclusively accept them from cell phone cameras. To me, this is a really exciting time […]


My Memorabilia

I will give as a memorabilia on my birthday these wood watches I just purchased. I know attendees will be surprised and will really like these token I will give them. I personally love these collections and I know it will also be a hit to my friends and family. My party is happening over […]


A beauty miracle

Perfection has been found: this Vitamin C serum. THIS one. As I say, this is product is one of those products, I am so incredibly impressed, and I always was ready to be impressed. I was never skeptical about this at all, at first I thought that it might not be as effective as other […]