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31 Days of Worship – How to Market Christian Realtors

Brief Overview

Marketing for real estate agents, especially ones like Vancouver realtor, Eddie Yan or Dave Jenkins, is the most important task they have to carry on during their whole career. However marking for real estate is a tricky job as it is not at all easy to convince patrons to buy and sell any property. Some follow basic rules of marketing which are old and widely used, but there is no end of coming with new ideas. 

Some people have even excelled by improvising the old marketing strategies which are a good strategy although it is not effective every time. But there are some quirky ideas that you can follow which can come handy in today’s competitive marketing environment. 

List of Ideas by Indexsy, SEO Vancouver

If you want to broaden your perception in marketing for real estate agents then following ideas could be helpful:

  • Listing marketing ideas is an innovative process where you will make a list of description with right words, and it should be persuasive enough to compel the customer to obtain or sell the house. The words should be subtle yet quirky in the description which will help the agent to gain the confidence of the seller.
  • While preparing description about a particular property one should focus more on specific words such as brands names or the name of any amenity which is the key feature of the house.
  • You can also organize various events during special days of the year which will help you to get the spotlight in the community thus your real estate business will thrive gradually. Providing special offer during occasions is also a strategic idea to bump up your sell. Even if your selling Vancouver condos or what. 
  • Telephone marketing is an old marketing process in real estate business but modifying the process can come handy. It is important for the agents to first engage and arouse the need of the client and then put up the description of the property in front of them. 
  • You can try making videos of the property focusing more on the attractive parts of the house which would easily motivate clients. To spice up the video you should use a soothing or energetic song depending upon the clients you are targeting and merging them with real cinematic effects.
  • Showcasing the comments or testimonials of satisfied clients is another way gaining trust from customers and this process will broaden up your marketing for real estate agents perspective.


So the above points are some new and improvised ideas that would come useful while you are building up your strategy to sell or buy property. They are not the best ideas, but they enhance your plans.

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