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31 Days of Worship – Marketers Poem

It’s like…
that moment when you watch the sun disappear beyond the vast ocean waves.
that moment when you hit bottom and tears fall and and you know He’s right there.
that moment when you hear a small heart beat for the first time.
that moment when you lie in bed at night and all that’s left is darkness and stillness.
that moment when you realize you have a purpose, a purpose He’s given you.
that moment when you sing words that are like prayers and lift your hands high above your head.
that moment when everyone you love is all in one room together, safe, healthy, enjoying each other’s company.
that moment when lose a loved one.
that moment when you drive at night on an open highway and you can see every star in the sky.
that moment when a friend offers to pray with you, and you realize she understands what you’re going through.
that moment when you playfully chase your little one, who is stumbling with laughter and joy.
that moment when men, women and children with much less to give sing songs of praise, in a beautiful language, with such heart.
that moment when you don’t know how your next bill will be payed.
that moment when you help someone who has a bigger need.
that moment when you witness a complete stranger give their life over to Christ.
that moment when you give thanks, for His pursuit of you is never ending.
Worship is more than just a song we sing.
We worship God in each moment.
That’s what I hope to discover together over these 31 days.
How do you worship God with your life?

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