Absolutely amazing Amazon service

Honestly, what I understand about Amazon is that right now they don’t even run that Hive a profit if, if a profit at all, but they managed to have a very high market value none-the-less. Why is that? I think it’s because their long-term plan is, quite literally, domination of many different aspects of the market. Is that Sinister? I don’t think so at all. I think that that, in today’s society, is about a smart of a business plan that you can have, and if shareholders are investing at a high level despite less profit than other companies, then you can basically rest assured that they see a lot of value. Unfortunately, in our society today, a company’s value is basically based on how shareholders see it. Yes, that is basically who pulls the strings and calls the shots with any organization, be it in online business or a university.

So, what else can I say about this kind of thing, other than the fact that when you asked me: “is Amazon Prime worth it?” I’m almost definitely going to say yes it’s absolutely worth it. In my opinion, there’s nothing about Amazon Prime that makes it not worth it. I think if you’re a student, and you qualify for the student discount, you should absolutely have Amazon Prime if you ever do any type of online ordering or even streaming. With the student discount, it is already cheaper than Netflix when it comes to online streaming, and once you start tapping into this, you can start getting really great deals on deliveries and online shopping, rather than shopping at your stores nearby. For me, student in Vancouver, this proves to be an extremely valuable thing, because when I’m in Vancouver, it takes a long time and a lot of money to get anywhere, and I’m already a rush student. Now that I can use Amazon Prime to order things, I don’t have to go to the department store to pick up that little Appliance I need, I can order it, and it will sometimes be delivered within days.

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