Amazing images through the lens

Things have emerged such a point of quality within the realm of mobile phone photography, that we can actually have entire sites that sustain themselves, as databases of stock photos, that won’t even accept photographs from “Real”  cameras, and will exclusively accept them from cell phone cameras. To me, this is a really exciting time to be alive, as somebody who’s interested in photography and culture and human history as a whole.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all of these things have created an amazing platform to share images. Now, that’s not saying that everybody shares images that are worth sharing, or that all of these images or posts have integrity, however, it is undeniably true that we live in a more image base society than we have in the past. We’re surrounded by images constantly comment we also have the freedom to create images whenever we want. Anyone can create images these days, with the accessibility that technology has given us, photography isn’t just for the privileged photographers who have invested tens of thousands of dollars into their gear anymore, almost anyone can do it. Seriously, basically anybody with a phone can partake in photography. Beyond that, filters and editing apps, things like that, created brand new style of photo editing that is accessible freely and for anybody to use. That means that any average citizen can take a photo come bring it into an editing app, slap a good filter on there, just the levels, and walk out of the experience with, basically, a piece of art. This used to take so many more resources and so much more money, and now it’s just that easy. A lot of purists would be upset about this kind of thing, I suppose that that is a reasonable response, and it is the type of response that older generations of always had to Progressive changes, specifically within technology and social movements, but I really don’t think it’s a bad thing. Photography today is cooler than ever.

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