Cool Site for Promoting A Healthy City

Wow I just found this amazing website. It says that they make scooters for you, so that you can have a healthy relationship with your city. Isn’t that wonderful. I guess I never really thought about that, my relationship with my city. The fact that when I am traveling around my city in an automobile, I’m polluting the air. I’m polluting the air of my neighbors and my community. I guess that’s not very good now, is it? So, this company has the specific mandate to connect you and your city in a healthier Way by supplying electric scooters. In my opinion, electric scooters are pretty darn cool, and the fact that this company makes them for you from scratch changes everything. You see, rather than buying one off of a lot, this company requires you to go to their website. When on their website¬† (https://unumotors.com/de/), you make a few stylistic choices, and some functional ones too. You get to decide which engine you want, and what colors you want the different parts of the scooter to beat. Let’s make these choices, they put your scooter into production, and make it with care. Seriously, the price is not that different than other scooters, and the fact that you just get the plug in your portable battery or other than paid to fill up your tank with gas all the time makes a huge amount of difference that I think cannot be overstated. This is exactly the kind of product that I’ve been waiting for, and unfortunately it is only available in Germany at the moment and maybe some for surrounding countries. Once they begin to send transatlantically, I will be there very first customer…


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