Fashion for the wrist


I am a lover of watches. Since I was a kid, I always check out stores with kiddie watches and as i grow up, i developed this liking up until I have my own job. During pay days, I go to the nearest department store and see if I can buy something new for myself. I love watches of different colors and materials. I once had a watches that is made of fine fabric which i used during my summer stay in Vancouver. Last week, I bought wooden watches from a new store. I never knew the store before but I was enticed with how the design is made. Honestly speaking, I was awestruck. The watches are made by wood which makes it really interesting. But makes these best wooden watches more interesting is that it is very light to use. I am sure people behind this product knows how hard it is to make one. Because of my delight, I bought six pieces of them. I am planning to gift two to my boyfriend and another one for my little sister as a present for her high grades in college. I definitely recommended my friends to buy one for themselves because they are not only a classy timepiece but it is also an investment. I wore one of the Zegarki wooden watch at work today and my colleagues can not help but swoon over my new timepiece.

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