My Memorabilia


I will give as a memorabilia on my birthday these wood watches I just purchased. I know attendees will be surprised and will really like these token I will give them. I personally love these collections and I know it will also be a hit to my friends and family. My party is happening over the weekend and these babies have been packed already. Glad that I really stumbled upon their wood watches because I really love its style, design, and durability. Check out their collection:

Select Series – Chronograph

Royal Series – Black Oak

Flake Series – Grey – Ebony

Slick Series – Walnut – Blue

Raw Series – Double Copper – Ebony


What I love above all these is my double copper wood watch simply because it is not just simple, it can fit to whatever outfit i have– be it formal, corporate, casual, and even just at home. I love its slick and really durable style.


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