You know I was talking with a friend recently

You know I was talking with a friend recently, a well regarded and respected Raleigh chiropractor, and we were discussing how our generation of adults is so responsible in regards to being proactive in taking care of themselves. Self-care is now part of the common vocabulary, and everybody knows, to some extent, what makes them feel better and what makes them feel worse. This type of self-knowledge has a lot of benefit, we decided, and it’s not the sort of privilege that previous generations may have been accustomed to or allowed to have–

so we should be very grateful to have this freedom of personal exploration which can so easily allow us to become more self-aware and therefore much healthier individuals both physically and mentally. From my friend’s perspective, as a chiropractor, he has seen a lot less reluctance to his practice in the last decade. He even has a few stories about blue-collar working class men, who are willing to do things like yoga to help there postural issues– they trust their chiropractor enough that if he says that’s the kind of thing that’s going to help they’ll do it. Isn’t that amazing? So,  if you’re reading this, I invite you to take a moment to think about what self-care means to you. What restores your energy and brings you back to a good place? How can you implement more of this General type of activity into your daily life? Do you prioritize self-care enough? I know that for me this is a new part of my journey. But I’m very open to it, and I hope that you are too. We have the potential to be a very healthy generation, and to raise and even healthier one. The way to do that is to continue to become a society that is very attuned to our our personal needs, and that does not stigmatize those who need differently than we do.

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